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Here is where you put simple things that people would know about the place from a quick glance or a small conversation. Where it’s located, its population, how well guarded it is, how open it is to outsiders, etc.
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Here is where you go into depth about the daily lives of the people in your city/whatever. Daily routines, special events and holidays, the general disposition of the people, all of that and more can go here.
Talk about how things are run. What are some of the rules
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CoulroCarnivalesque's Profile Picture
Heyos guys,

This journal's basically going to be me talking about what I want to get out of :iconpokemon-of-avalon:, why I feel like I've not been getting that out of it thus far, and how I want to get there. Don't feel like you gotta read everything, or even any of it, I get that this is likely going to be boring and unimportant to anyone but myself, but I'm putting it out there so that I have the peer pressure to get work done (nothing fuels work like forced motivation :'D).

So, groups. I'm in a lot of them, but not in them at the same time. It's like being at a party and just sitting on the sidelines, unsure of how to go about enjoying yourself. I feel like this a big issue for me when it comes to groups. I conceptualize characters and what I want out of them with great easy, but stepping into the group scenario turns my ambitions on their heads due to various levels of awkwardness I feel about what is the "norm" of the group in question.

But I don't want to feel like I can't follow through plans and aspirations I've made simply because I'm unsure if they'll fit the norm or not. If I keep worrying about that stuff, I wouldn't end telling any of the stories I have swimming around in my mind, or connect to other either. What it comes down to is that I have to step up and take risks, stop worrying about possibilities, and just get work out there. So, no more beating around the bush, let's get onto the specifics of PoA.

As my first group on DA, PoA is incredibly special to me, especially since I get to help shape its story and make things happen in it now that I'm an admin. But I won't lie, it's lost that special spark I used to get from it, and I know exactly why. When I first joined PoA, I was young, knew minimal amounts of English, had no idea how to draw, and had a sense of humour that was stupid above all else. I've definitely grown since then, but I was having more fun back then.

Although we look back at our part selves and cringe, I can't help but envy what I was like in 2013. I was excited to interact with others and tell stories, no matter how silly or stupid, because I felt like content didn't matter as much as the experience.

Looking back, I realize that the reason I've become so disconnected from PoA is because I've become self-conscious. I worry about putting out a bad drawings, I worry about telling stupid stories, I worry about writing a bad RP response, I worry about not being good enough.

When I was younger, this wasn't the case. I didn't care if my stuff was bad because it was the interactiveness of my stuff that made it good. Sure, my art of Skipper didn't look good in 2013, but its worth came from how it got people talking and laughing at the silly things he did in the art itself.

That's what I want to go back to. Don't get me wrong, I don't just want to spam the group with content to get people talking, but I need to be able to stop holding myself to useless concerns that stop me from having fun, creating stories, and connecting with people. So, what are my goals and plans to try to change how I act in PoA?

:bulletblue: Collaborations and RPs

This one is probably really apparent and obvious answer, but I don't think its an easy one to do. Especially not with my underling worry of not performing well enough.

To me, this is one of my biggest failing points in PoA recently. There have been a lot of opportunities in the group of late for RPing and collabing, and I haven't taken them because it's easier for me to just throw out my own content in quick bursts. I think the Snowball Fight event was where I finally saw just how lazy and nervous I was acting.

Not only was that event designed for collabs, but I was the one who designed it to be that way. I gave myself a chance to reach out, and I didn't until the very end, and even that wasn't very much. I want to get back into collabing and RPing, not only because I want to challenge myself, but because I love doing them.

It's the one that I enjoyed doing the most in the past. The early collabs and RPs I did in PoA are some of the fondest memories I have because they came so easily and were fun despite themselves. Post length, spelling and grammar level, and being 100% realistic weren't the primary concern, it was having fun that mattered.

Now that I'm older and can put out work with decent levels of art and writing skill, I don't want to be distracted by thinking whether or not I'm worse or better than my partner, I want to find a bridging point where we're both having fun with our characters.

That being said, I don't want to make a rule for myself that says "You need to collab every mission and RP at least once a month!" or something of that caliber because it will turn something that is supposed to be fun into a chore. I think it'd be more effective for me to put aside ideas missions, events, or even personal stories that would a good place for interaction with others.

Similarly, I was also thinking of starting to hold RP events on the discords chat. Nothing plot official (not yet, anyway), but just small events based around my various characters that involve some challenge to overcome. These could be anything from getting people to all tackle the wanted poster baddie, to something completely original, like a heist for the rogues, or a performance for the denizens. We'll see if I can make these happen.

:bulletblue: World Building

And here is where I kick my own ass for being incredibly timid. I have spent the past two years working with :iconzavgoyle: populating the world of Avalon with tribes, cities, religious factions, myths, stories, criminals, hideouts, dungeons, dangerous landscapes, and much more, and yet I've posted none of these.

One of my biggest complaints about PoA, and one that I've seen other members give as well, is how empty it feels. When we go to a nation, we brush the surface of it, leaving it vastly unexplored. This is done so that people can create their own stories in these nations, but there isn't much of a starting point if one is not familiar with the history and legends of the nation.

For the past two years, Zav and I have been filling up the world. Just stuffing it full of all kinds of interesting places, people, and events in the hopes that after we use these things in our personal stories, that other may take inspiration from them and do some world building of their own.

And yet we've posted nothing. This is massive failing on our part, but mostly mine own. Many times Zav has asked me if he could upload something he made with me or by himself to the group, and I said no because I wasn't sure if it was ready, or it could spoil a future story, or whatever. In this way, I'm not only failing myself, but I'm also failing Zav by preventing him from telling stories, and I'm failing other group members by not showing them how the world can be filled.

This has to change. I'm not going to keep holding others back because of selfish reasons. First and foremost, I'm going to stop telling Zav "no" every time he finishes something (unless it's shit, in which case, fight me Zav, your work sucks :V). Secondly, I'm going to start putting out information when its done, and stop worrying that doing so will spoil future dumb plot points of mine. If anything, getting these things out should motivate me to get stuff out faster.

:bulletblue: Personal Stories

Speaking of getting the motivation to get things out faster, there's this massive disaster. I've been working on Skipper's story since I joined PoA. Since then, I've revamped it twice, made multiple NPCs with their own stories that tie into Skipper's, teamed up with Zav to tell twice as many stories, and wrote the entire script to most of these stories.

I've also posted 0% of any of these stories. At best, I've made vague references to them that ultimately have no substance to them because they don't connect to anything larger yet.

The main reason why I haven't done anything for them yet is that I want to have a large buffer. And I am talking large. Originally, my goal was to be able to at least post a page a week. The issue back when I started was that I had no set page size, so my comics were all over the place.

But even now that I've decided on a standard size for most - if not all - pages, I still face the concern of the buffer. I worry that unless I have something to post every week, I'm letting people down. It's a stupid worry to have - especially when I consider the fact that I haven't even started the bloody thing, and therefore I'm currently incapable of meeting standards that don't exist yet.

Well, this is going to change. I've already taken the steps to start the change in the Snowball Fight by stupidly "introducing" Lambard. This definitely isn't how I expected to start, but it certainly gave me the need and desire to start explaining things, so I'll roll with it.

As for an actual schedule, I'm still a bit iffy to give myself requirements for page posting times, but I also don't want to just put them out whenever they're finished. For now, let's say that I will try to hold up my one page per week ambition. As for a starting point for the story? Hmm, well, the merry month is always a good time of year, I suppose.

tl;dr - I'm going to stop worrying, and get shit out.

If you made it all the way down here, well, what are you still doing here? The rant is over, get lost nerds >:V


If you have an insights or experience with any of the situations I described, or just any advise in general that you think would be helpful, I'd love to hear it.



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Aah, it sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm drowning in work right now and I don't think I'd be able to take part. Sorry, I hope you all have fun though!
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making puns on my page is not punishable in any way, in fact, i'm glad to see that people have taken the time to unspun words to make puns, thus giving them impunity in my books.
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